How we might be in a different reality from aliens

Jason Sherman
7 min readFeb 14, 2022

When it comes to Schrödinger’s cat, there is a cat inside a box, that is both dead and alive to an outside observer because, until the box is opened, you can’t tell either way. You have to assume it’s one or another, which makes it essentially both until we know for sure. When when it comes to the universe, it’s base reality is made up of what we can confirm through observation as well. The universe works in the quantum world, through quantum mechanics, and quantum physics. This means that the observation process works much different than what we are used to. So with aliens, possibly existing in a multiverse, they are entangled, and once we observe them they will exist. But here’s the thing, from their perspective we could be the ones who are entangled — and that’s why we haven’t seen them, because they haven’t observed us. Tune in to hear my thoughts on this!

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In today’s episode of future tech, I want to talk about how we might be in a different reality from aliens. And I know I’ve talked about aliens before and aliens are a hot topic, like the government showing videos of UFOs from pilots and, you know, more and more documents being released by the government that were classified and sealed in the past. But I don’t want to really talk about aliens as much as I want to talk about how we like it. I said we might be in a different reality and to kind of start things off I’ve mentioned this before in a different episode about Schrodinger’s cat. If you’re not familiar with Schrodinger, cat, this is a really good way of understanding why we might be a different reality from aliens, which is why you and I haven’t…

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